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Hiking Fail August 14, 2010

Posted by Jen in Exercise, Strength Training.
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This morning I was supposed to meet up with a new friend to go hiking. It did not work out as planned.

Last night I packed lunch and snacks, got my Cambelbak backpack ready, printed out a map of the area where we were going to hike, and packed a set of extra clothes just in case.

This morning I got up, did some strength training on my lower body (a smart thing to do before a hike? Since I didn’t end up hiking, I’ll never know), had breakfast, and headed out.

I got to our meeting point about 10 minutes early. Let me tell you, this area was empty…scary empty! I live in Western North Carolina, and although there are plenty of people here, there is also lots and lots of woods and protected land without much of a population.

We were supposed to meet at 9 am, but my friend wasn’t sure exactly when she’d get there because she didn’t know how far the spot was from her house. After waiting for 43 minutes I really had too pee, so I gave up and went home 😦

Hiking fail.

Instead of giving up altogether on exercise, though, I headed out to my usual walking or running spot and did a hill-filled 36 minute walk that had me nice and sweaty. Of course, the extremely ridiculous humidity may have had something to do with the sweat!

And, bonus, I already had my lunch made! Score.

It’s not a very nice Saturday here; grey, overcast, humid. Instead of hiking I’m doing laundry and reading. Not such a bad way to spend the day, I suppose!

What do you do when exercise plans fall through?