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About Me

My name is Jen, and I was born in 1979 (easier than updating my age every year, eh?) I love to travel, to walk and hike, to watch movies, to read, to pet my cats, to cook and bake, to read about health and fitness, to work out, to spend time with my family and friends, and pretty much any activity that involves the Great Outdoors. As long as it’s not too scary, I’m not into scary.

"Yup, I love food!"

I also love to help people, and I’m a certified Life Coach. I coach on weight loss and wellness, and you can read more about that on my “Weight Loss Coaching” page. Why am I so passionate about coaching on this topic? Well, personal experience, of course. Read on for my tale of weight ups and downs, emotional eating, and more.

I was never into fitness growing up. I didn’t participate in any after school activities (unless watching Ricki Lake and eating pancakes and American cheese with my neighbor counts) and I was afraid of pretty much every sport. I was a bit chunky in high school, but had a boyfriend, friends, and honestly didn’t worry too much about my weight.

In college I gained about 20 pounds over the course of the four years, but I also learned that I enjoyed going to the gym during this time. I honestly didn’t know I’d gained so much weight, I just wasn’t that aware of what was going on with my body. When I did finally realize it, I decided it was time to get serious.

The summer after college I started keeping a notebook, planning my meals, exercising regularly, and weighing myself about once a week. By that fall I was back down to my high school weight and felt really good.

As time went on, I decided I wanted to lose some more weight. By this time I was in my mid-twenties, and had a big event coming up in the fall, and thought it would be good to drop a little more weight. I was still exercising consistently, and I simply ate more moderately and easily dropped the poundage over about 3 months. I maintained that weight loss for about a year when I decided I wanted to lose more.

Somehow this time things were different. I became a bit more obsessed with exercise. I was harder on myself when I overate. I sometimes overate to an extreme I hadn’t before. I managed to lose enough weight to be considered “ideal” for my height.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t happy with myself. Sometimes I could look in the mirror and think I looked good, but more often than not I thought I needed to tone up or lose more weight. At this time I started binge eating occasionally, mostly trying to ease the tensions in my life. I didn’t regain any of the weight I’d lost, but I was very unhappy. Being my “perfect” weight did not equal happiness. It never does.

I tried to make everything about what I ate, how much I weighed, and how much I worked out. Truth was, my issues had nothing to do with food or weight, they were all about the life I was living and the way I was dealing with my fears and anxieties.

I maintained my “ideal” weight for a a little over a year, but when a huge shift in my life happened, I could no longer keep my binge eating to an occasional happening. I started binging frequently and ended up packing on the pounds over about 6 months.

My weight leveled off in what was still considered a healthy range, but the binging continued. Luckily, I ate a mostly healthy diet when I wasn’t binging, and always stayed active, preventing my weight from escalating to an unhealthy level. However, I was still very unhappy with the way I was dealing with my issues.

Finally, thankfully, over the course of the next four years I got help. I went to therapy, I read lots of books, I became a certified Life Coach, and I started doing what I wanted to do: helping others. Using the same techniques I use to in my coaching practice I was able to get comfortable with my body, my eating, my life, and my mind. I can do anything, and so can you!

I can face my issues and feel my feelings. I realized that feeling comfortable in your body is about much more than counting calories and working out. I had to get my mind right, to work on facing my fears, to truly embrace myself and love myself.

I’m at a great place in my life now where healthy, whole, fresh food and I have a great relationship. And chocolate and I also have a great relationship. I love to exercise, to lift weights, to stretch. I love to spend time listening to my body and eating mindfully. And I’d love to help you do the same!



1. pursuitofhealthfulness - August 3, 2010

Really inspiring story. It’s great to see you took control of an issue and then used your lessons to help others! I’ve had my own ups and downs in my relationship with food, but I’m confidently moving in the right direction.

Keep it up!

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