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You’re You, I’m Me July 31, 2010

Posted by Jen in Healthy Eating.

This morning I just feel like blogging. Actually, because I’m following some of the advice from the book I talked about yesterday, I decided that I should do things that match up with my goals. And one of my goals is to blog frequently and build my wellness coaching business. But I’m not sure what to blog about!

One thing that I am interested in discussing, though, is how everyone is different. “Well, duh!” you’re probably thinking. However, I think it’s important to remember. I know it’s important for me to remember. For instance, sometimes I compare myself to other people as far as what they are eating, what their fitness level is, how thin they are, etc. But comparing myself to someone else and then trying to be like them isn’t necessarily the way to go.

For instance, body type. I’ve never had thin legs. I never, ever will. My legs have become more muscular since I’ve been strength training regularly, and I hope they’ll get even stronger, but they’re not going to be skinny. Similarly, I’ve got a rack. Yes, that kind of rack. It’s not going anywhere, no matter how much weight I lose (I am not complaining about this). In others, it would be unhealthy for me to try to be super skinny. I’m a curvy person. I will sometimes tell others, “my body is made for snuggling”.

It’s important to remember that your body is your body. Your friend (or a person on a blog you read) might be the same height as you but weigh more, or weigh less. It doesn’t mean there is anything wrong with your weight, so stop comparing! And that goes for me, too.

Another big different? Diets. I think every single one of us should strive to eat lots of vegetables, some fruit, some whole grains, some healthy fats and proteins. Beyond that, people enjoy and thrive on a huge variety of foods. I am not a high protein person. I am a vegetarian but I don’t eat much dairy or eggs, and I get my protein mostly from beans, nuts and nut butters, and sometimes soy products. That’s okay for me, and I am still having no problem building muscle!

Other people absolutely adore fish, chicken, eggs, etc. That’s not me, and that’s fine. Everyone needs to find what works for them. And when I say “what works for them”, I mean, what makes them feel fantastic. If you think fast food and soda is working for you, I want you to check in with your energy levels. They’re probably not great. You want to eat in a way that fuels you for life!

Continuing on the “what other people can eat” track, some people do just fine eating some sort of dessert every single day and feel fine. My sweetie, for instance, can eat cookies or candy every single night and not be triggered into eating the whole house. He doesn’t feel guilty and he maintains a stable, healthy weight. I like treats, too, but eating too many of them too often does not make me feel good. And some people, like a former client of mine, cannot eat sugar at all, period. It makes her feel like absolute crap.

Just because you see someone else thriving on a certain diet does not mean it’s right for you. Read lots of books, experiment, but notice your energy levels. Jot down what makes you feel great and what makes you feel tired and lethargic. YOU are the only one who knows what’s best for you, and you should be deciding what goes into your body.

As for me, this morning I did upper body and abs first thing, had a smoothie with kale, a frozen banana, cinnamon, and a TBL of natural peanut butter, walked about three miles, ran some errands, and came home and ate three whole grain pancakes with shredded carrots (in the batter), cherries, and walnuts. Delicious! And I am brimming with energy!

But now I’m going to veg out on the couch and read. Have a great day.



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