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Women, Food and God. What Are You Waiting For? July 13, 2010

Posted by Jen in Binge Eating, Emotional Eating, Mindful Eating, Sprituality, Weight Loss.
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Did you see Oprah yesterday afternoon? She had Geneen Roth on as a follow-up to her May show, in which Roth also appeared, discussing her best-selling book Women, Food and God.


If you missed it, you can read about the show here. I’m just gonna say it: I think Geneen Roth is brilliant. I think her ideas and methods are the way out of the cycle of hell known as yo-yo dieting. It’s her methods that I use in my own lifeĀ and that I encourage my clients to use as well.

If you haven’t read her most recent book, and struggle with food and dieting and body image, I’d go pick it up right now. Some people hate this book, as is true with anything anyone has written, ever. Some people don’t get what she’s talking about when she mentions “God”. Some people think she’s just plain wrong. I think some of those people are just plain scared.

It’s scary to give up dieting. It’s scary to trust your body to know what it needs and when it’s hungry and full. It’s scary to feel your feelings, especially when you usually numb them out with food. But you know what? It’s worth it.

It’s worth it to uncover your fears and dreams and hopes. It’s worth it to listen to and respect your body. It’s worth it because you deserve it. If you do what she says and get in touch with yourself and listen to what I call your “essential self” instead of what I call your “social self’ (she calls it “The Voice”), you’ll lose weight. But that’s not the reason to do this. The reason to get in touch with you, with God, with your spirit, with your center, is because you’ll be fulfilled in ways you never thought possible.

What are you waiting for? How many more diets do you want to start and fail? How many more nights do you want to spend with your hand in the cookie jar? How much longer can you avoid feeling your feelings and living your dreams? We’re all meant to do something wonderful. And that includes you. Stop stuffing down your wonderful self with food.



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