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Simple Ideas for Health July 7, 2010

Posted by Jen in Exercise, Motivation, Weight Loss.

We’re always looking for simple ways to improve our lives, right? And improve our healthy eating habits and waistline. Here are some ideas to get you started on your journey to healthy, vibrant living:

Limit Your Sweets & Treats. This might seem obvious, but sometimes people fall into a trap where they deny themselves all sweets and treats, trying to be “good” or healthy or lose weight. Then, when they do indulge, they eat the entire bag/box/cake/pinata. What’s a good middle ground? I suggest one serving of sweets or treats per day. An ounce of potato chips if those are your thing. Two small cookies (or one big one). A serving of dark chocolate. A regular sized candy bar (No, eating the King Size Snickers that is really 3 servings does NOT count as one treat or sweet per day!). One delicious white flour and butter laden biscuit. When you’re eating your treat or sweet, sit down. Enjoy it. Savor it. That’s why you’re eating it, right?

Try New Produce. You know you’re supposed to be eating at least a couple of servings of fruits and three or more servings of veggies a day, right? In fact, I think getting five or six servings of veggies is a worthwhile goal. But, before you run screaming, why not try something new from the produce section of the grocery store. If you hate broccoli, try kale. If you love spinach, find new ways to incorporate it into your life. What about jicama for your salads? An avocado on your sandwich instead of mayo? A banana with peanut butter as an afternoon snack instead of a granola bar? Dried fruit with breakfast in the morning? Pick something up you haven’t ever tried, or something you haven’t tried in a long time. You’ll feel adventurous, and your body will thank you.

Ask for help. You don’t have to do this alone. Find an online community, a friend, a family member to support you. You can make better choices in regards to food choices, portion control, and exercise. Sometimes having a friend’s encouragement is all it takes. If no one in your “real” life is as motivated as you, check out an online community like Spark People, where you can keep an online food and exercise journal and talk to others who are on the same path as you.

I’ve got many, many more great ideas, but I’ll leave you to ponder those!



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