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Why Do You Really Want to Lose Weight? July 5, 2010

Posted by Jen in Emotional Eating, Motivation, Sprituality, Weight Loss.
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Why do you want to lose weight?

It’s an important question I have to ask all of my clients. I may call myself a “weight loss” coach, but I really only want my clients to lose weight in a slow, steady, natural way, that includes them paying attention to their hunger and fullness signals, moving their bodies because it feels good, paying attention to the emotions that trigger excess eating, and being mindful in their life.

And one of the most important things to be mindful of are your reasons for wanting to lose weight. Over and over, I see people who want to lose weight because it feels like a way to “fix” themselves, or make themselves “better”. Losing weight may do a few things, including lowering your risk for some diseases and cancers, lowing your cholesterol, and may even make you happier. For a while. Most people will still feel the same way they did before losing weight emotionally.

Which brings me back to my original question. Why do you want to lose weight? Here are some common answers, and the truth that may lie beneath.

  • I want to be thinner (I want to be better. I want to impress others. I want others to love me. I want to be worthy of love.)
  • I want to look better (I can’t imagine I look good now, no one could love me like this, I have to change and be better than I am now.)
  • I want to fit into a pair of jeans I used to wear (I was better before, and I need to be that way again. The way I am now isn’t good enough. No one could possibly like the way I look in these jeans.)
  • I want to be happy (I can’t love myself at this weight, I can’t be worthy a this weight, I know once I lose the weight I’ll be happier, right?)
  • I’ll have more confidence in work and life (I can’t succeed looking the way I do now, people won’t respect me. I can’t stand up and do what I want until I’ve proved to myself I can lose this weight.)

I have another question for you: What if everything was exactly the same, even after you lost the weight? What if you still weren’t happy? What if you still weren’t brave enough to chase your dreams? What if you still felt unloved and undeserving? What difference would being thin make? Trying to lose weight over and over is just a tool to keep you removed from facing your fears and living your best life.

When you’re ready to open up to your true self, when you’re ready to accept that you are amazing and powerful, and can do anything, and when you’re ready to take a look at all the thoughts and beliefs in your head telling you you’re not good enough, then you’re ready to lose weight. And you know what? You’ll feel so good about the rest of your life going right that weight loss won’t even be the most important thing to you anymore. You will know you’re on the right track and worthy of the best damn life even, no matter what.



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